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Anger Management Classes and Assessments Minneapolis/St. Paul

This Minneapolis-St. Paul’s Minnesota-based program is built on the philosophy that offenders make changes in their actions by changing how they think. A person’s failure to control anger is a common factor in violent crime. Some experts have estimated as many as 20 percent of Americans suffer from anger management problems. Helping offenders understand their anger and learn how to deal with it is also useful in drug court and community correctional programs and in helping clients who are resistant to treatment. Accurate Testing, Inc., now provides evidence-based programs and materials that can help clients recognize, overcome and control anger management challenges, thereby reducing criminal activity. The program includes a client workbook, Anger Management Profile (APM), and summary and supplemental materials.

Program Goal

The goal of our Anger Management Education Class is to work with an individual on how to examine their triggers and their perceptions of situations and learn healthy, constructive ways in which to express their anger and frustrations that will reduce their risk of court involvement and lead to a more balanced lifestyle.

Target Population & Use

Accurate Testing Anger Management programming targets adults and juveniles who struggle to manage anger and frustration in an appropriate way. It is used with violent offenders, with argumentative or oppositional clients, as a supplemental program with domestic violence perpetrators, with road rage, with substance abuse, and with drug courts. We service individuals looking for Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area-based classes.

Implementation Settings

Our anger management materials can be used in many correctional settings, including probation and parole, community corrections, diversion programs, juvenile programs, and private treatment settings.


Anger Management Assessments: $250
Anger Management 8hr Class: $250