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DAP (Domestic Abuse Program)




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Class Info and Pricing

Accurate Testing Domestic Abuse Program for Men 

Weekly classes are held on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:00pm

12-Week or 24-Week program

Program Philosophy

This program adheres to the Duluth Model of Community Intervention in domestic violence cases. It is a process that is victim-focused with the goal of intervention to stop partner-related violence.

Program Goal

Objectives of the weekly classes include:

  • Increasing participants’ understanding of the causes of their violence, including showing them how beliefs of entitlement have supported their control of their partners’ actions and thoughts.
  • Increasing participants’ willingness to change.
  • Providing participants, the opportunity to learn new ways of acting in relationships.


To achieve the above objectives, the curriculum is organized around the ten themes found on the Equality Wheel and its corresponding Power and Control Wheel that is derived from the Duluth Model men’s nonviolence program. These themes are Non-Violence, Non-Threatening Behavior, Respect, Trust and Support, Honesty and Accountability, Responsible Parenting, Shared Responsibility, Economic Partnership, Sexual Respect, and Negotiation and Fairness.

Target Population

The Accurate Testing Domestic Abuse Program is for men who have been abusive toward their intimate partners. The program is targeted at court probationers under court-mandated sentences. Which length of the program each participant attends is determined by their risk assessment for recidivism toward continued abusive behavior.


DVSI Domestic Violence Assessment: $250.00
Orientation: $25.00
Cost: $50.00 a class